Thursday, September 16, 2010

Be Mine

You came into my life like dew drops after the rain,
shimmering with light, reflecting the sun's radiance,
resting by the leaves, astonishingly surprising,
unexplained what this hushed heart deemed,,,

Denied affection that I thought was admiration,
talking myself out of my heart's confusion,
swinging for the fence, I know it’s impossible
but loving you, even if denied, unstoppable,,,

To surrender, lay down my arms, take the risk, venture my need,
take the fall if it's the only way to feel that I live,
In the birth of these passion and longing for you,
bowed that even forever is over, I’d still be loving you,,,

I am only here to love you, not to expect anything back,
just want you to feel you are loved, with an exceptional kind of love,
a love that would be real and true, no lies,,,
and full of hope that I will love you more every day,
and that this love will last as long as time knows,,,

Absurd it might sound, but I am afraid to stop loving you,
still I cannot refute my heart for who it wants, who it needs,
who it craves for and who it calls for,,,
I am here, just here, silently, selfishly loving you,,,

I want to care for you, when time comes that you have no one to turn to,,,
I’d give myself to you, give you what you need,
be it a friend, or simply a smile to ease your pain,
a shoulder to cry on, a hand to hold you when fear startle you,
a hug to feel that there still someone in this world ready to love you unconditionally,
or someone to sit beside you, just to let you feel you are not alone,
I am here because there's no place I’d rather be,,,

But then again reality hits, and face the truth is what I have to do,
that even though we were not meant for each other,
in my soul and in my heart you'll stay forever,,,
I prayed, hoped, and asked for a warning, but never came a sign,,,
for I know, that from the very start, you will never be mine,,,